Holocaust Survivor talks to Year 9 pupils

3rd May 2016

On Wednesday 20th April, all year 9 students received the opportunity to listen to a first-hand experience of the Holocaust by a man named Harry Bibring; a man of 90 who has lived in England since the start of the Second World War. Pre-war, he lived in Vienna and travelled to England via the kindertransport, a scheme designed to transport Jewish children to England for their protection and a life changing experience. Many students found the talk to be moving and emotive as Harry was separated from his parents, yet he was also very down to earth and used humour in his account. The presentation included descriptions of Harry’s experiences before, during and after the war, adding a touch of reality to the topic the year nine year group have been studying. Speaking on behalf of the year group, it was fantastic having Harry as a guest speaker. The talk was not only a great educational experience but in many ways a life lesson.

Eleanor Cooke (9RPG)

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