Junior School Larkin Cup Competition

25th April 2016

Here are the results of the Junior Larkin Music Competition.

The house results were as follows:

1st TS

2nd RP

3rd KH

4th MS

The individual winners were as follows:

Year 7

1st                                Bradley Bissett
2nd                               Charlie Press
3rd                                Ross White
Highly Commended         Lloyd Goodwin, Daisy Crush, Caitlyn Hancock

Year 8

1st                                Freddie Askew
2nd                               Katie McNally
3rd                               Joe Eldred, Emilia Marcysiak, Shiam Srikumar and Jake Stevens (joint)
Highly Commended         Lia Welsh  

Year 9

1st                                Poppy-Louise Hooker
2nd                               Hannah Baker
3rd                                Sam Gerlack

And the ensemble prizes were as follows:

1st                                9TSg ensemble and TS House Band (joint)
2nd                               TS Steel Pans
3rd                                Katie and Emilia singing 'Little Talk'
Highly Commended         Chip and Adam
                                     Jade, Bethany, Charlotte, Rosie and Sofia


Well done to everyone who took part! Certificates will be given out in forthcoming House Assemblies, and also the comments sheet that was written by the adjudicator for every performer.


  • We were delighted by the number of Year 7s taking part.
  • Some houses had excellent announcers who spoke clearly and really presented their entries (with titles of pieces and full names of performers) well. Announcers, use the microphone though, then EVERYONE will hear.
  • Most guitarists arrived on stage with their instruments already tuned which was great
  • Most performers made good eye contact with their audience - this can be scary but is definitely the best way to communicate what you're playing well. Those that didn't did not score as highly.
  • Most singers had found backing tracks without the actual singer on which was good. Spotify is the best way of doing this, using karaoke tracks.
  • We had a great spread of styles and genres which was very enjoyable to listen to!

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