Pilgrims Hospice Visit

23rd March 2016

On 17th March, half of my GCSE RS class had the privilege of visiting the Pilgrims Hospice in Margate. Most of us were expecting the hospice to be a sad and negative place, but we were all pleasantly surprised to see it was actually very uplifting and cheerful. We started the trip by having a long and interesting discussion with the Hospice Chaplain and one of the social workers. They dispelled a lot of myths about what hospices actually do (for example, not everyone who goes to a hospice goes there to die) and they shed some more light on how everything works.

Next, the Chaplain took us on a tour around the wards, and we got to see all the different rooms and facilities (we were all extremely surprised to see there was a gym!). Afterwards, we were taken into the Day Centre and got to meet some of the patients who only visit the hospice once a week. Everyone was amazingly friendly, open and positive about their experiences, and they all had interesting stories to tell! We finished off the day with another final talk with the Chaplain about how important hospices are, and how they aren’t the dull, dreary places everyone imagines them to be. Overall, it was an enlightening and unmissable experience.

Matilda L.

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