GCSE Science Live!

2nd March 2016

On 26th February a group of year 11 students went to 'GCSE Science Live!' at the London Apollo, Victoria.  The event is a series of lectures from leading scientists which are interesting and inspiring.  The first to speak was Professor Jim Al-Khalili, who talked about whether time travel is possible.  He made the idea of black holes and time dilation very easy to understand.  Next up was Dr. Lucie Green.  She told the audience about upcoming space missions to investigate the possibility of life in other parts of the solar system.  She even had a 3D printed replica of one of the instruments that her team was designing for one of these missions.  After a break the wonderfully entertaining Professor Lord Robert Winston talked about reproductive biology, such as genetic screening, blocks to polyspermy and fertility.  A new speaker at these events, Professor Richard Fortey, was next.  He talked about his work on trilobite fossils and the amazing diversity that can be shown in these organisms.  He also told the audience about the travels that a paleontologist can experience when they work in the field.  The last session was kicked off with a talk on exam success from examiner Stewart Chenery, where he showed common mistakes that cost students marks in their GCSE exams.  Finally Professor Andrea Sella spoke about 'How the tiger got it's stripes', by showing us some fascinating oscillating reactions that highlighted the process within reactions.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and even the teachers learned a lot!

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