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Year 9 Computer Science Week Poster Competition

5th February 2016

During week 2 of this term as part of computer science week year 9 students were asked to produce a poster of a new mobile phone app that had a social/environmental aspect to it. The designs were to include details of the apps environmental/social impact, features of the app and designs of the main screens. There were some really great efforts from many of the groups who took part.  Congratulations to all the winning groups:

In 1st place with a design called “Simple Sign” which was all about helping deaf people communicate with people who do not understand sign language were Rothschild-Pearce. The team consisted of Niamh Edgington and Jemma Warner.

In 2nd place were Thomas-Sharman with an app called Hedgehog which was all about raising awareness of animal welfare and good practice. The team included Bethany Lloyd, Rosie Axon, Jade Booth and Elizabeth Baker.

In 3rd place with their app “Perfect Pet” were Knight-Heath – Hazel Julaila, Grace Ward, Emily Driscoll Katie Aveling, Wafaa Boumrah, Poppy Wells and Kristine Rivera

In 4th place with an app called “Adverteezy” were Mann-Sommerville – Orla Whelan, Emily Wallis and Chelsea Dunn.

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