Spelling Bee

22nd January 2016

On Wednesday afternoon, we had our annual House Spelling Bee Competition.

The House teams consisted of 5 students, 1 from each year group and competed in 3 rounds.

For the first round, each team member took it turns to spell a word, of varying levels of difficulties.

If the student spelt the word incorrectly, then they were eliminated from the rest of that round until only one competitor remained who on this occasion was Rosie Axon from TS.

Round 2 was the Quick Fire Challenge where each team had just 2 minutes to spell as many words as possible.  They were able to choose from easy words (1 point), medium (2 points) or hard (3 points). All teams opted for medium level!

After this round, there was just 1 point between first and second place, RP & TS respectively.

The third round, one team member was chosen to go head to head with the other houses.

Again Rosie Axon excelled for TS and lead her team to take first place for TS.

The final scores were:

1st place                TS                           77 points             

Joint 2nd place    MS & RP               68 points

4th place               KH                          58

Well done to all who took part!

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