The Beat Goes On

21st May 2012

Young drummers from Ramsgate have been invited to appear at the national finals of the Music for Youth festival.

The ten-strong group are members of the advanced class at the percussion school based at The Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School Federation.

They will take to the stage at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham on Wednesday, July 4, and if their performance impresses the judges they will be asked to take part in a gala concert at the Royal Albert Hall in November.

Director of Music Molly Hollman said: “Our group is the youngest ever advanced class that have been invited to the national finals, which is a great achievement.

“The piece we played is called 'Music for Pieces of Metal' which is in part an homage to Steve Reich's Music for Pieces of Wood.
“Everything we play is made of metal, and we feature the humble triangle at the beginning because I am fed up of people telling me 'anyone can play the triangle!'”

The percussionists are Connor Hyde, Connor Pearce, Jordan Childs, Tom McCleod, Rory Strudwick, Jerome Edridge, Liv Ratcliffe, Jack Tolhurst and Dhesh Padiachey

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