Laptops for Filipino Schools

25th April 2012

Over the past two years ex-student and former staff member, Ravi Ghowry, has been sending old laptops abroad for use in schools in the Philippines. It was an opportunity to extend the life of unwanted computers and provide huge benefit to the Filipino schools that received computers that would have otherwise been disposed of for recycling, but can now be used as invaluable teaching aids.

The initial laptops sent by Ravi were used by a school run by his family, PBC Sunbeam school. “For the second set of laptops I sent the following year, we decided to try and help one of the nearby public schools”, with six of the laptops sent going to the public school. Public schools in the Philippines often have class sizes of 70 students working classrooms designed to seat about 35. They are most grateful for the laptops they have received, given the struggle they have trying to balance their limited resources, funding and facilities with a huge number of students.

“I hope to be able to carry on the work I have started by continuing to send old laptops from the UK for many years to come. I’m already trying to source more laptops and computers to send over in September! It has been a great help to the schools that have received them - providing the members of staff with more modern ways of working and a chance to develop their ICT skills. I’m particularly thankful for the support that the Chatham & Clarendon Grammar Schools has given me in helping me do this.”


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