Inter-House Quiz 2015

14th November 2015

On Wednesday, 11th November CCGS held the I-H School Quiz. The quiz is based on five rounds of questions, covering general school knowledge, school history, former students, our school in the local community and specific House knowledge.

Each House was represented by two mixed teams, representing students from across the school. It was evident from the start that many students had been revising hard, using the school website and school boards to glean as much information as possible. Early rounds favoured TS but having played their joker on the same round, KH took a three point advantage into the final round. With the Year 7 student audience watching on expectantly, one of the TS teams had elected to play their joker on the final round of ‘House’ questions. This proved decisive as TS scored an impressive combined 36 points in the final round to edge out KH by 9 points.

The final standings were:

1st - TS - 142pts out of a possible 180pts

2n - KH - 133pts

3rd - RP - 123pts

4th - MS - 104pts

Well done to all of the competitors and staff who supported this event.

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