Year 10 Young BioGateway Visit

30th September 2015

Twenty Year 10s interested in Biological Careers were invited to spend the day at Discovery Park . They experienced   different Biological careers from Forensics to Pharmacy, from the armed forces to Biotechnology. The Gateway project is a forum for Science & Technology companies to interact and the Young Gateway is for those companies to interact with schools. The event was organised by the Education Business Partnership Kent for 200 students across Kent.

A previous Chatham & Clarendon student showed our yr10s the importance of pH and alternative routes to University like Scientific Apprenticeships.

The small groups meant students were able to ask questions directly to the diverse range of Scientists questions.

‘I learnt more about Bio-medical sciences and what I want to do in the future. I enjoyed today thoroughly and had lots of fun trying the experiments.’

‘I’d love to experience this again!’

‘My highlight of the day was the stalls and the speed dating career interviews.’

‘I enjoyed experimenting with drug delivery, dissolving and also making glowsticks!’

‘I enjoyed today because I found it interesting to see the opportunities that Biology can lead to. I liked being able to see real life uses of these in the world.’

‘I enjoyed it as it was interesting and I enjoyed the activities. I am more interested in a career involving Biology.’

The students were a credit to the school and the Scientists were impressed by their behaviour and mature attitude.

Thanks to Mrs Haines,  Mr Scarlett and Mr Moss.

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