Knight-Heath Set the Charity Bar High!

13th October 2015

As a house, Knight-Heath have pulled together to raise money for an extremely worthy cause. With an abundance of exciting events we have managed to raise the amazing sum of approximately £300!

We chose to support Rainbow Ward for many different reasons. The main reason was that if anyone within the school became ill, then Rainbow Ward would be the ward in which they would stay and receive their treatment. So, we decided it would be a nice idea to support a “charity” that could potentially have a massive impact on someone’s life. Rainbow Ward could also already be close to the heart of some people within Knight-Heath house who have themselves received treatment within the ward, or who have had friends or relatives who have. We also thought it would be nice to give the ward some extra funding to aid them to buy resources which make a difference to children’s experience of a stay on the ward, and to make the stay there more bearable; so they can concentrate on fun toys and games in the ward instead of the circumstances that have led to another hospital stay for them.

In order to raise money for Rainbow Ward we ran several events over the course of one week. As we have two house charity captains in year thirteen, we split the sites between us to make sure the whole school was included. We ran a massive cake sale across all three of our school sites! This proved to be very successful and raised approximately £100 for the cause alone – because let’s face it, everyone loves a good cake! We also hosted a raffle, with a prize of £20 worth of chocolate goodies! This also proved to be extremely successful and brought in approximately £100 alone! The lower school house charity captain also gave us a great hand running events of their own, including a “guess how many sweets in the jar” game, crossbar challenges -  a penalty shootout, some sports matches and even busking! These events were entirely organised by Knight-Heath students in the lower school!

As a house Knight-Heath would like to thank everyone who has helped us to support Rainbow Ward by participating in the charity events.

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