Guinness Book of Records SUCCESS!!!!

7th October 2015

The Guinness Book of Records attempt for the Worlds Largest Mobile Phone Party, was held on the 23rd September on the Astroturf on the Chatham House site.

It was a lovely sunny day, and everyone was in good spirits. When students arrived at the event, they were greeted by the town mayor and mayoress, whom were at the entrance clicking everyone in.

The record stood at 685, and we managed to beat this record with a total of 734 students. At a total count of 735, just one student was disqualified.

This represents a huge achievement for our school and the students within it, and behaviour from all who took part in the event was exceptional. Well done everyone - you are all, as the Guinness Book of Records say of their record breakers,  'officially amazing'!!

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