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Rothschild Pearce win the School House Competition

22nd July 2015

After a well fought competition, Rothschild Pearce were the clear winners of the School House Competition 2014/15 with 6825 points. A battle for 2nd place resulted in Thomas Sharman breaking away to beat Mann Sommerville with 6650 points compared to 5925. Despite a slow start to the competition for Knight Heath, a total of 5125 points was scored at the year end with an exceptional performance in sports day being the highlight of the summer term.


Congratulations must go to the Rothschild Pearce front bench for their excellent work throughout the year, which saw the pupils of this House lead the competition throughout each term.

Well done to all members of staff and pupils who played their part in helping their House earn points.


Can Rothschild Pearce make it a hat trick next year?

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