Greenpower National Final Qualifying Heat

21st July 2015

15 teams lined up on the starting grid at the Ford Motor Company’s test track from Kent, Essex Cambridgeshire and beyond for this qualifying heat for the National Final. The event consisted of two 90 minute races where a top three place in either race could see a team qualify.

Race one started very well, we were first away from the start line then quickly over taken by another much faster car. We held on to second place for the next 30 minutes then we suffered a puncture.

This led to us being out of the race for some time returning to join the back of the field. Skilled driving and fast pit stops produced a creditable finish in sixth place.

For race two we fitted higher gearing for a faster top speed, this was a risk on a tight circuit. The gamble paid off, initially dropping to second place for the first hour of the race then then gaining a strong lead of over two miles clear of the second place car by the chequered flag.

At the awards ceremony the team received a trophy for winning race two and the overall fastest car award which saw us set a new track distance record.

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