July 2015 Year 8 Maths Challenge Day

10th July 2015

Our year 8 mathematicians took part in a super maths challenge day. They worked in groups of four, helped by a sixthformer, working through a set of exciting mathematical challenges. The day started with a group round and cross number challenge, followed by mini-relay, where teams were put under time pressure. Practically-minded teams were at an advantage during the pi chain competition and sporty mathematicians were given a chance to shine when racing in the relay round. The day was finished with making pi loom bands in the afternoon. There were lots of prizes for each round and our overall winners were announced in the afternoon.

Congratulations to the overall winners: Team LotraePI: Bethany Lloyd, Esabel Carter, Rosie Axon and Claire Meakins.

Here are some comments from our students from the day:

I enjoyed all of today as all of the acitivites were imaginative and fun. Especially the loom bands. Hope it is as good next year!

Today was quite fun, some acitivities were really fun. Our 6th former, Hannah, was really nice and helped us.Some activities were quite brain-hurting, like some of the quizes.

I hated the loom bands, they kept breaking, but I liked the rest.

Today was marvellous and all of the people in my group enjoyed it.

It was utterly amazing! Love maths even more now.

I thought today was fun. I liked the quizes and the loombands, which was basically everything.

Today, I enjoyed the relay activiity because it was fun.

I enjoyed the maths relay and paper chaings, also the pi bracelets.

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