July 2015 Year 9 Cipher Challenge day

7th July 2015

As part of the activities week, our year 9 students had a great day cracking mathematical codes and ciphers. They found out about transposition ciphers, Caesar shift ciphers, the importance of frequency analysis in code breaking and pig pen ciphers. They also worked with credit card and ISBN ciphers, followed a web quest about Alan Turing and had a go at cracking a code conundrum. Sporty mathematicians had an advantage in the grid relay and the fastest code crackers could improve their score by completing a challenging crossnumber puzzle. We all enjoyed watching The Imitation Game telling the story of Alan Turing; the great mathematician who helped to break the Enigma code during WWII.

Our lovely sixthformers helped keeping the score during the day and there were lots of prizes to sweeten the end of the day for seven of the best teams. Thank you to everyone who helped to organise and run the day.

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