Ascension Day

19th May 2015

On Thursday 14th May a dozen CCGS students from the Acts 29 Club including three teachers visited St Lawrence Church in Ramsgate. We were met by Freda Parker (the Bell Tower Captain) who took us up to the belfry where RevT led a short service for Ascension Day. We were also joined by a visiting priest from the Seychelles. Our prayer aid was our helium balloon (see picture) and we braved three sets of ladders, the wind and rain in order to release it from the top of the tower and it was worth the effort! Afterwards we learned that many years ago the boys of Chatham House used to attend the Ascension Day Service at St Lawrence as it was a half day at school. Also as the church was running an open prayer day, prayers were said for the schools of Thanet at 5pm.

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