Students Print their future in 3D!

15th May 2015

This week CCGS launched their technology department’s 3D HUB nationally with Create Education and Ultimaker.

Three years of development and planning pays off. Committed, quality and enthusiastic students and teachers bring, design technology subject leader, Tom Brewin’s idea for a community 3D HUB within Thanet/ Kent /Ramsgate to life. The initial aim was to springboard students into quality career paths in design and engineering and with this consistently achieved, the 3D HUB has grown collaborating with primary and secondary schools, universities, a national marine research facility, Hornby Hobbies, and local companies in Thanet in its lead up to being launched nationally.

What is the CCGS 3D HUB? Firstly the 3D HUB is a community within the school designed to drive the quality of students’ three dimensional designing and to push them towards universities, apprenticeships, and success in design and engineering after sixth-form. At the core of the HUB are ten 3D printers and a very enthusiastic team of students and staff. Dylan Cowper, our 3D HUB university placement student runs the daily operation of the hub and has been key in the HUB’s recent success. Secondly, the 3D HUB has projects within the local community placing 3D printers in primary schools, printing collaborations with universities, other secondary schools, and companies such as Hornby. We have strong links with Plymouth Marine Laboratory which has come alive through our sixth-form students and their love for 3D printing, so much so that the school has been recently co-authored on a Marine Biological paper through the design and 3D printing of near shore scientific crowd sourcing platforms. Jamie Buchanan, Senior Development Manager at Hornby Hobbies states:

“working with Tom Brewin and the students has been very beneficial for us as a business from as direct as offering us a 3D printing service for projects we urgently need to expedite through to insite projects looking at future initiatives for some of our mass market brands. We are now looking at how we can link further capitalising on these enthusiastic students as and when they leave education”

We continue to win national awards in the MakeIT competition with complicated outcomes in wood with 3D printed components.

“The CCGS 3D HUB allows Grammar School students to realise complicated designs of commercial significance, which using past technologies available in schools would not have been possible” – Dr.  Robert Brewin, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

“A quick turn around on more than twenty 3D printed parts for my stop motion animation project allowed me to meet my deadline successfully” - Claire Larkin Bournemouth University final year undergraduate.)

“With all the HUB’s ongoing projects, especially the Plymouth Marine Laboratory near shore crowd sourcing briefs this is a really exciting time to be teaching and learning within our technology department” - Tom Brewin, subject leader of Design & Technology CCGS

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