Lower School Larkin Cup

15th May 2015

The Lower School Music Competition last Friday was a terrific occasion and we had higher quality performances than I can remember hearing in quite a few years.

The results were:

1st TS

2nd MS

3rd RP

4th KH

The soloist prizes were as follows:

Year 7

1st Katie McNally

2nd Jake Stevens

3rd Freddie Askew

Year 8

1st Poppy Hooker tied with Richard Aspital

2nd Imogen Downey-Edwards

3rd Louise Adams tied with Hannah Baker

Year 9

1st  Alfie Lawrence tied with Linley Rich

2nd Talia Pearce tied with Taylor Cousins

3rd Daisy Shingles

Ensembles (Yr 7-9)

1st Bethany Lloyd, Charlotte Mayes, Sofia Murray and Jade Booth

2nd Alfie Lawrence and Orla Whelan

3rd TS House Ensemble

Highly Commendeds:

Ben Chapman

Linley Rich and Liam East

The KH Ensemble

Adam Saunders and Chip Morton

Olly Saunders

Talia Pearce and Simeon Crosher

RP Ensemble


The judge was Iona McIntosh.