Mock Election

5th May 2015

The Mock Election at Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School has produced a victory for the Greens. Students in all year groups were able to vote throughout last Friday.

Thea Barrett, the Green candidate stated in her post-result speech,

“I thank the returning officer and all prefect officials for their hard work and my opponents for fighting and honest and open campaign. This is a result for the enthusiastic youth who are tired of not being listened to in regard to investment in jobs, low pay and the future environment of the nation.” Thea, a Senior Prefect about to sit her AS levels, has aspirations of becoming an MP one day – but is keeping an open mind regarding the party she would wish to represent. “I have a keen sense of social justice and I want to make a difference.”

All of the other candidates did acknowledge that Thea and her team certainly put in the most amount of effort into their campaign.

“The irony of the Greens printing out the most paper for posters and leaflets is not lost on us!” said Head Student Fred Wright. The results were: Thea Barrett (Green)238; Henry Kitcher (Lib Dem) , 54; Thomas Maakestad (Conservative), 114; Henry Miles (Labour), 140; and Conor O'Neill-Mallon (UKIP) 119.

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