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Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School Swimming Gala 2015

24th March 2015

The number of competitors along with the quality was very pleasing with nearly 200 swimmers involved on the day. Form Sports captains worked tirelessly organising their squads and tactics ahead of the much anticipated Gala. This event is always a good occasion and gives the swimmers an opportunity to show how good they really are. With some nationally good swimmers competing we were not disappointed with six old records broken, most notably seniors Abigail Piper and Kyriacos Papa-Adams breaking the 50m backstroke records. Chloe Gambrill was the other senior record breaker, swimming the 25m butterfly in 15.19. Year 7 students Thomas House, Liam Pearshouse and Rojin Kumbasaroglu were all record breakers too along with other lower school students Ellie Rush, Abbie Robinson and Zack Martins-Rothman, all three now hold records for two consecutive years. In the upper school the girls stole the show with Rebecca Pollen and Isobel Fry breaking the backstroke and breaststroke records for RP whilst Megan Griffin and Bea Lever broke the freestyle and butterfly records for TS.


The relays offered an insight into the teamwork and organisation of houses and they did not disappoint with plenty of records again broken. In the girls medley relay records were broken by year 9KHg, 10TSg and the senior RP team. All years from 8-13 broke the freestyle girls record too with the quickest time now set at 1.11.50 for the seniors. Both boys house relay team winner broke records too with the senior MS boys swimming a combined 100m in 56.51.


The overall results were close which was a fair reflection of another excellent Gala. Thank you to all the competitors who make the event so successful.


Final results

1st RP - 765

2nd TS - 649

3rd MS - 645

4th KH - 610

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