MakeIT Success

14th November 2014

GW is delighted to hand over these two pages to the cause of MakeIT!

With woodwork largely no longer having a place on the curriculum in

schools we want to do all we can to encourage those that are making

the effort to teach this important craft as part of their design technology

courses. To hear that it is being studied as part of the A level design

technology syllabus gladdens the heart, and the Letter of the Month

prize goes, of course, to Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School whose

student work is featured here.


With no government funding for the past two years, MakeIT!, the school

programme run by standards-setting body Proskills UK, is appealing for

industry help in its 10th year.


Proskills MD Jonathan Ledger said: “MakeIT! needs industry help

more than ever. With no other funding source, it is essential

that the wood, furniture, allied industries and

sub-sectors continue to support MakeIT! both

financially and in kind. Proskills being a registered

charity provides a tax-efficient route to

supporting young people entering the industries,

so get involved.


When you talk with the students and

teachers, you realise just how much MakeIT!

means to them and how inspired they are by the

exciting opportunities of careers in wood and

furniture. I look forward to celebrating 10 years of Proskills

and to working together with industry partners to ensure that future

generations have an even better chance of joining such dynamic and

exciting industries.”


Tom Brewin, a teacher at Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School, in

Ramsgate, Kent explained: “The MakeIT competition process produces a

driven, confident, and determined student. It is a very good example of

a growth journey which starts at initial idea and finishes with a veneered

and waxed outcome. For the staff in my department it has re-ignited our

passion for our subject and over the last three years has been an

essential marketing tool to celebrate student success.”


He continued: “During this year’s competition time frame our year 12

MakeIT! students work in the same workshop area as the year 10

students. This open environment where the younger years see the

quality of the work produced by the senior students drives up the overall

quality of work we are producing for the competition. It created a

student-led learning environment and provides the students with the

skill set needed for success in our GCSE and A level qualifications.”


Long-term survival


To help create an environment which ensures the long-term selfsustainability

of MakeIT! a raft of changes is being made to its suite of

Schools Into Industry Programmes (SIIPS), of which MakeIT! is just one,

in order to enhance the learner participation and experience, and to

ensure the programme’s long-term survival.


Not only do young people get a hands-on opportunity to take part in

competitions involving wood and furniture, but they also gain an insight

into the potential careers, apprenticeships and training that the

industries offer.


As well as educating students about the different uses of wood and

furniture in their everyday lives, MakeIT! demonstrates the remarkable,

exciting and advanced technological processes that they may not be

aware of, from growth to processing and production.


Key ambitions for 2015 include offering work experience to older

participants, create careers advisors from industry in schools and

integrate the National Careers Service and National apprenticeship

Service support and help into the programme. The age range should be

extended to 18 years.


The annual MakeIT! Competition challenges years 9-12 pupils to

create a wood-based piece of furniture.


For more info on Proskills UK go to

Andrea Hargreaves

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