Expert Chef Praises New Facility

10th October 2011

Top chef Dev Biswal served up a treat for students when he officially opened the food technology suite at the Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School Federation site in Ramsgate.

The special guest gave the Year 10 students a mini masterclass in the skills that have won him huge acclaim for his innovative culinary art and earned his Ambrette Restaurant in Margate Michelin Guide recommendation among a host of awards.
He described the facilities as “a fantastic space for students to explore cooking skills and have fun with their creativity. A resource like this in any school is the excellent way to start young people on the pathway to becoming passionate about their food skills.”

The owner and executive chef of The Ambrette, (accompanied by chef Nick McKenzie), talked to students about the important of nutrition, healthy eating, and hygiene, while sharing his creative drive and passion for cooking.

He set them a task of creating a simple yet tasty meal that included steamed rice, baked chicken and spinach stir fry. The best efforts won family invites to The Ambrette.

Mr Biswal stressed the importance of using quality fresh produce and added: “Eating fresh and cooking fresh is vital. Stay away from the processed and packaged food mentality if you can.”

Food technology teacher Mrs Sam Morgan said: “Cooking has such a high profile these days our fantastic food festival at Broadstairs, television programmes like Masterchef and Come Dine With Me, and with celebrity chefs like Gary Rhodes who studied at Thanet Catering College.

“Our new food technology suite means that students on both sites – at Chatham Street and Clarendon Gardens – now have the opportunity to explore their creative culinary skills as part of their studies using local and fresh produce.
“Dev Biswal is recognised as one of the top chefs in the UK. We are extremely proud that he opened our new suite and then worked with our Year 10 students to give them advice and a lesson they will always remember.”

The new suite features ten workstations with state of the art facilities, preparation areas, and storage facilities.

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