Business Success!

4th July 2011

On Monday 4th July 13 Clarendon students travelled to Barclays Bank Headquarters, Canary Wharf,  London to take part in the Final of the Business of Enterprise programme. 

Since January, the girls have taken part in The Business of Enterprise, which is a school-based programme aimed at improving the entrepreneurial skills of young people.  The competition is run in schools across East Kent and this year 12 schools took part.  The competition is based around the students creating their own business; preparing prototypes, financial plans, advertising strategies and delivering a presentation.

Winning ideas:


The first team, called Safelet, created a charm bracelet with a clip-on attack alarm.  The aim of the product is to keep vulnerable women safe in an easy and convenient way, whilst being a fashion accessory at the same time.

Sun Swipe

The second team, called Sun Swipe, created a packet of wipes that contains sunscreen in different factors.  The wipes will be dispensed from a unique vending machine in key tourist attractions around the UK to protect people from the sun that may have forgotten their sun cream.

On the day, the girls created a market stall to 'sell' their products to the panel of judges.  The girls then gave a presentation to the 8 judges informing them of the key details of their ideas.  The judges; were all prominent business people and included the Chairman of Barclays UK.


The girls did amazingly well and Safelet won 'Enterprise of the Year' - winning a ride in a helicopter, a tour of BBC Central and £50 prize money.  The Sun Swipe team won 'Best Written Prestentation' - winning a tour of BBC Central and £50 prize money.

The students were also given a talk by a Senior Advisor at Barclays on the World of Work and the history of Barclays Bank.

The Reward Trip:

To celebrate the girls' achievements they are being taken to London by Mrs Kemp and Mrs Rockall to watch the new Harry Potter in 3D IMAX, shopping, food and the tour of BBC Central.

Well done girls!

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