Larkin Music Cup

8th May 2014

Results from the Junior Competition

1st        RP

2nd       TS

3rd        KH

4th        MS

The individual winners were as follows:

1st        Jake Robinson

2nd       Martha Carter

3rd        Mel Karczewski and Kayleigh Stevens-Keatley (joint)

And the ensemble prizes were as follows:

1st        Amber Malley and Isha Mandke

2nd       9RP Ensemble

3rd        8&9 MS Ensemble and MS Yr 9 Djembe Ensemble (joint)

Highly Commended awards (students scoring over 90 and not being placed) went to:

Issy Fry

Poppy-Louise Hooker

Talia Pearce

Bethia Carter

Lucy Karczewski

Jake Warner

Hannah Baker

Matilda Lailey

Well done to everyone who took part! Certificates will be given out in Junior Assembly next week. I have also awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for each house and these will be given out in your next house assembly, with a comments sheet written by the adjudicator.

Results from the Senior Competition

1st        RP

2nd       KH

3rd       TS

4th       MS

The individual prize winners are as follows:

6th Form

1st        Geary Allen

2nd       Chloe Hayter

3rd        Kat Cutler-Mackenzie

10 and 11

1st        Molly Mallon and Will Dolke (joint)

2nd       Joe Whelan

3rd        Rob Cook and Joe Parrish

Ensemble Prize

1st        Becca-Gonzalez-Bello and Faye O'Regan

2nd       Lydia, Jo and Nicola and Tom McD, Jake and Joel (joint)

3rd        RP House Ensemble


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