Year 11 Science Live

14th March 2014

A group of 60 Y11 students went to London on the 6th March to the Dominion Theatre where they saw some talks by some of the UK's most prominent scientists. Who knew that Maths and The Simpsons are entwined to a level that most do not notice? Dr Simon Singh enlightened us to these facts. An energetic chemistry talk by Prof. Andrea Sella focussed on how stripes/spots occur in animals (eg big cats) or vegetables (beetroot) due to oscillating reactions. Other topics discussed were space, genetics and of course Prof. Richard Dawkins telling everyone that your granny is a fish (albeit your great, great, great... granny) and Physics is simply about rocks. In all some good science talks to help stimulate the students to choose a science subject at A level combined with feedback about exam technique from a Chief examiner.

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