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Hockey - Kent College 2nds Match Report - 4-0 loss

6th March 2014

We came up against a very strong Kent College team with a few very capable attacking players.  The first half saw us defending most of the time but soaking up a lot of pressure very well, with some outstanding tackles and blocks made to keep us only losing 1-0 at half time.  After our attacking was almost non-existent in the 1st half we took a more aggressive approach to the 2nd, which led to a few very good early attacking spells.  However, we were caught on the break twice after 5 and 10 minutes and scoring a goal always seemed unlikely.  Kent College scored their final goal late on after an all-out attempt to attack backfired.  All in all we were up against a team with a lot more quality and huge credit goes to the players who put their heart and soul into the game to keep it a respectable 4-0 when without everyone working hard for the team the score could have easily gone into double figures.


Man of The Match:  Dennis Hester