Big Bang

13th December 2013

170, Year 9  students attended the BIG BANG at Discovery Park, Sandwich which was organised by EBP (Education Business Partnership).

Students took part in various workshops and had the opportunity to visit numerous exhibits on offer, including science and engineering projects;  making glow sticks and coloured snow;  using cycle power to produce fruit smoothies; design a one bedroomed flat and wire up an alarm system. 

A busy, colourful, fun packed day with plenty of opportunity for hands on experiences from a wide range of employers, local and national businesses,  universities and colleges.

A film crew from Meridian were on hand and a short piece, showing some of our students, was shown on ITV.  Please find the link below

Feedback from our students included “I never knew how many careers you could have.  Lots of different experiments to try.  Lots of good resources.  Lots of interesting people and information.”

A very successful trip with the students finding it interesting, informative and enjoyable.

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