A Level Results 2013

16th August 2013

Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School Federation students excel once again!

The pass rate is outstanding 99.8% exactly the same as last year, this means there was only one failure in over 500 exam entries. 23% of grades were at A*-A  an improvement on last years’ results, bucking the national trend. 50% of grades were at A*-B.

“These are tremendous results, the culmination of two years’ hard work and dedication by both students and their teachers”, commented Headteacher Debra Liddicoat.

 Special mention should go to the following who achieved remarkable results:

Bethany Campbell gained 4A* and has secured a place at Newnham College, Cambridge to study Natural Sciences;

Connor Brown gained an astounding 7 A-levels consisting of 2A*, 4A’s and 1B and will be studying Economics at Bristol;

Filip Gajewski gained 4A grades and came to our sixth-form from Hereson Ellington and is going on to study Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough University;

Kavushik Mohan Raj gained 4A grades and is to read Theoretical Physics at UCL.

“I’m really excited about starting my new studies, but am going to miss this place so much,” he said.

Laura Mason gained 4A grades and is going to University of Warwick to study Theatre and Performance;

Zakarya Boumrah and Jack Prosser gained 1A*, 2A’s and 1B. Zak has a place at  the University of Southampton to read Biomedical Sciences and Jack has a place at York University to study Film and Television.

Maria Pelosi  and Jack Downey Edwards both gained 1A* and 2A’s. Maria is  to study Pharmacy at Reading and Jack is hoping to study History and Politics in London.

The following all gained 3 grade A’s :James Craswell (Biochemistry at UCL), Natalie Dicks (who has won a place at Nottingham University to study Biochemistry and Genetics), Amy Hampton (who came to us from Charles Dickens and is going on to study Early Childhood Studies with Psychology at Christchurch College Canterbury), Daniel Kitchener (who came to us from Dane Court  and is hoping to study Engineering at either Durham or Exeter), Oliver Whiskard (English at UCL) and Henrietta Youngs (who moved from London and is going to study Philosophy at Bristol). “I really feel that I’ve got so much from moving to Thanet and coming to this sixth-form. It has been such a great experience and I can’t believe it’s over. My two sisters studied philosophy at other universities, so I’m very happy to go to somewhere as strong as Bristol”

We wish all our students continued success in the future whether it be at University or in employment.

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