Maths Inspirational Lectures

3rd July 2013

The maths department took a group of 40 year 9 & 10 mathematicians to Greenwich Theatre for a series of lectures run by the maths inspiration team. We were lucky enough to gain front seats for the WEIRD and WONDERFUL MATHS show. David Acheson of Oxford University was our first speaker with Maths, Mystery and the Electric Guitar followed by Steve Mould, a TV scientist and comedian who delved into the world of Fractals and other Freaky Maths. Both talks kept us all riveted to our seats from start to finish.

Here are just a few of the comments the students made

“I liked the speakers, they made me feel motivated about maths and I would love to see it again”

“I really enjoyed it! Can we go again? Please! Please! Please!”

“An excellent school trip which would be excellent to repeat.  Educational and entertaining. ”

“The speakers were interesting to listen to and made the maths they were explaining seem cool. It was surprising that maths is in everything and can be solved in weird ways.”

“I liked the contrast and variety between the two speakers. Very enjoyable.”

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