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Upper School House Competition - latest results

7th June 2013

7th June

Mann-Sommerville House have maintained their lead in the Upper School House competition, following points awarded during term 5 in the inter house music competition, dance, hockey, rounders and cricket matches. A strong performance in the number of commendations awarded for effort and outstanding academic work has also led the pupils of Mann- Sommerville to the top.

With points still to be awarded for softball, sports day events and charity efforts, there is still a chance that Thomas-Sharman or Rothschild –Pearce can close the gap or even take first position.

Spring term

1st place Mann-Sommerville: 2175 points

2nd place Thomas-Sharman: 2025 points

3rd place Rothschild-Pearce: 2000 points

4th place Knight-Heath: 1925 points