Senior Curzon Picture Cup 2013

2nd May 2013

This debating competition took place in the Chatham House Library on 2nd May with four teams debating two motions.

The debate on "this house believes that God does not exist" saw two Year 12 teams argue succinctly and passionately over this perennial topic. There was a large showing in favour of the motion.

The second debate "this house believes that vivisection is not a necessary and acceptable practice" was an all Year 13 affair and both sides were formidable with their arguments and rebuttals. The quality of the debate was shown in the outcome with only one vote sealing the win in favour of the motion. Well done to all who took part.

Winning Team: Manns Sommerville (Prosser, Mohan Raj, Whiskard)
Best Speaker: Pat Mohan Raj

2nd Team: Knights Heath [Fell, Paver, Langridge]
3rd Team: Rothschild Pearce [Abdel-Magid, Robinson (guesting), Edridge, Lewendon]
4th Team: Rothschild Pearce [Smith C, Pegden, English, Hughes (guesting)]

My thanks to the competition judges, Mr Colin Harvey, Mr Craig Lowis and Miss Esther Richardson (2nd Yr UG and former pupil) who found that there there were only a few points which separated the teams when marking against the debating criteria.


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