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Childreach International

Fundraising Update:

We are  shocked and upset that after such sterling efforts from so many of our students to raise money for a worthy cause, they find themselves with no expedition as the culmination of their work.
Over the years, a number of our former students have raised funds and travelled with ChildreachInternational, and we were very pleased that so many of our sixth-formers were planning to travel with the organisation once they had completed their exams and left school this year.

We have not received any more detailed information from Childreach than the fundraisers themselves have had, and are very troubled in pondering where the monies have gone. According to the Childreach website, the funds have gone to worthy causes, but as we only have their word for this we are glad to have our local MP Craig Mackinlay looking into matters on the students' behalf.
Many of the fundraisers and their parents have also been working at raising awareness in the media of how they have been treated by the organisation that they had been helping, and we have been very happy to support them in this.

We met with the students affected, and  discussed with them how they wished to proceed. An alternative charity expedition was possible, with hefty discounts for former Childreachfundraisers, but given that it  still required further fundraising, we very much respect the students' decision to put their studies first for the time being.