Work Experience

On Line Student Work Experience Application

(Working in partnership with EBP Kent)

The aim of work experience is to provide an experience of work, rather than just to try a particular job, although that can be included. The idea is to give you the opportunity to develop your transferable skills and just as with preparing to apply for courses or jobs, you need to prepare well beforehand.

The best work experience placements are those that you find yourself and if you would like something specific you will need to arrange your own.

In registration from the 8th of October you will be given instructions of how to log in and will be making your four job sector choices for your work experience week. July 8th -12th July 2019.

We recommend that you view and discuss with your parents/guardians the job classifications and the distance you wish to travel before the log in date. You will be responsible for your own travel arrangements and costs.

Below you will find the list of job sectors. You are required to choose from this selection. You will be asked to choose in your order of preference 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice. You are allowed to select one pink job and one yellow job but you may select up to four green jobs. This must be done by 19/10/18.


After you have logged in and made your choices you will need to print your form and take it home for your parents to sign and returned ASAP to the Clarendon reception or Miss Haines in the library/resource centre.

If you are arranging your own placement you will need to put the details in the space provided on the form with full details of your placement.

All forms must be returned to the school by 5th April 2019.

Please be aware that an independent arranged work experience placement without both public and employee insurances will require a signed disclaimer form from the parent/guardian which the school will provide.