Christian Union

What is Christian Union?

Christian Union is a place where we can come together and discuss God’s meaning and wisdom and it’s a place where we can talk about how God affects us and the people around us

At the Chatham site the chaplaincy is located at the top of the school beyond SF7 and is a place where a group of students ranging from Yr7-11 (Christian and non-Christian) meet and discuss a variety of subjects every Wednesday Lunchtime. The weekly meetings are run by Mrs Jeffrey and Reverend Thomas does Holy Communion and other meetings. In the weekly meetings we usually look at a passage of the Bible like a Psalm and pick it apart. We look at what it means and how it affects us in our day to day lives. - Lily (Yr 8)

“I like Christian Union because it is a chance to be able to hang out with different people other than friends and it gives us an opportunity to talk about what we believe in.  I enjoy the fun we have and the laughs we have. It is good to have a CU in the school because it gives us something else to focus on other than school work and we can make different friends.”  - Rinah (Yr8)

I like Christian Union because it encourages young Christians in their faith. As well as this it can give us courage when we have a bad day and help us to love others even when we don’t feel like it. We also look into Bible passages and ask around the room for ideas about it and how we interpret it; this can help us to understand the Bible more so that we can tell others of Jesus’ love for us!  Pupils from all year groups come and it is nice to get to know other Christians in the school. Christian Union is not just for Christians though, and this has been proven by the fact that many of the group are non-Christians who are keen to learn about the Bible. - Martha (Yr8)

I like Christian Union because...different aged people come from different cultures and families.  Some people may not be able to go to Church because of travel difficulties or family troubles.  I also like the fact that the chaplaincy room can be used for prayer and worship.  It encourages young believers to stand up in the Lord and do what is right, no matter what other people say. - Bethia (Yr8)