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What's Happening

The Chaplaincy Room is situated on the top floor of the Chatham House building next to SF7 and is a place for students and staff to find a moment of peace,
contemplation and prayer during breaks, lunchtime and after school. The timetable below shows when the chaplaincy is in use and all are welcome.

Terms 5 & 6 Easter to Summer 2017

Day of the Week

What’s happening

Who is if for?

movable date

9:00—10:00am  @ Chaplaincy
Parents Prayer Meeting

Parents and guardians of our students.


@ Chaplaincy

All Students are welcome for a chat ’n chew with Mrs Rosen (Christian contemporary)


1:30 pm @ Chaplaincy
Muslim Prayer

Adhan and prayer led by a
Muslim student

Thoughts from RevT 

Life is not about complicated rules in following what God desires of us or to be seen as holier than the other guy. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German priest who resisted Hitler once said that Christianity needs to become ‘religionless.’ I agree with him, after all the first century Christians were known as “Followers of the Way.” Perhaps following a way is simpler in loving ones neighbours, praying for ones enemies, to do to others as you would want them to do to you and to love God with all your being. My blessings for the new academic year and my thanks.
Stefan Thomas