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27/03/17 - Benediction Service

For most of our RS A Level students attending an Evensong & Benediction service was not only something new but also a shift in their understanding of liturgical language.

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27/03/17 - Pilgrims Hospice Visit

Year 11 RS students spent time at our nearest hospice in conjunction with their GCSE course revision on Medical Ethics

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27/03/17 - Chaplaincy Corner

When Spring arrives there is always a sense of new beginnings with daffodils bursting out, pink blossoms adorning stark branches and the buds of leaves beginning to appear and all this happening on the grounds of the Clarendon House site.

By the time the holidays are over the Easter season will have begun and for the bewildered and startled disciples on that very first Easter Sunday there was a new beginning when they encountered the risen Jesus. The old order had changed and a new hope made them rejoice.

For our students this is also a tough time as they give up their freedoms to revise for their examinations so that the Result Days in August also mark a new moment in their lives.

New beginnings beckon for me also and after 13 wonderful years teaching and being chaplain I am moving on to parish ministry in the Barham Benefice near Canterbury. As teachers we often have new or epiphanic moments when we see our students flourish and I think for any teacher moving on it is the day to day interactions with our tutees that will be very much missed.

I am pleased to say that Dr Sutton-Jones will become the new Head of Religious Studies and the school chaplaincy will be led my Mrs Jeffrey and Mrs Rosen. I would like to thank all my colleagues for all their support over the years and I wish the school every success and good blessings for the future. As could be said:- Floreat Domus Chathamensis et Ex Humilbus Excelsa

Rev Stefan Thomas
aka RevT



Chaplaincy Christmas Corner 2016

“And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in bands of cloth, and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn.”   [Luke 2:7]

As this busy school term draws to an end and the dark nights lengthen there is a buzz of excitement among the students in anticipating the Christmastide.

During the 16th and 19th December the school continued the tradition of offering carol services for all students and staff.

The students listened to the readings of the Christmas story, sang carols and a Christmas song, and also enjoyed the fantastic music and singing of music students led by Mrs Holman & Mr & Mrs Gibbons. The finale was a special vocal tribute (by AVE) to Leonard Cohen and his celebrated ‘Halleluiah.’

This year the Chaplaincy Christmas Charity is to support the Thanet Winter Shelter project where accommodation, food, clothes are provided for the homeless during the cold winter months. A collection will be made during the Yr12 & Yr13 Christmas assemblies with the aim to raise over £100. It is as always a timely reminder that the joy of Christmas is not appreciated by all when we consider the plight of so many people not only in Syria but in our own country. It is easy to forget that at the time of Jesus’ birth there would have been nothing romantic or cosy in giving birth in a stable let alone using a feeding trough as a cot! Also, the flight of the holy family to Egypt to escape the mad machinations of a dictator is not too far removed from our own times. However, what is comforting is the message of hope in that the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it according to John’s gospel.

I wish all families associated with our school community a blessed Christmas of joy and peace and a well-deserved rest so to be ready for the New Year.


6/12/16 - It's St Nicholas Day on the 6th December


Did you know that Nicholas associated with the modern Santa Claus was actually a bishop who lived in Myra (modern day Turkey) in the 4th Century.

He was known for his charitable acts and gift-giving.

Prayer for the day
Almighty Father, lover of souls,who chose your servant Nicholas to be a bishop in the Church,that he might give freely out of the treasures of your grace:make us mindful of the needs of othersand, as we have received, so teach us also to give;through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,who is alive and reigns with you,in the unity of the Holy Spirit,one God, now and for ever.

5/12/16 - On Monday 28th of November the Thanet Schools Chaplaincy Group (TSCG) held an Advent Praise Evening called AC/DC. Not the heavy metal band but instead "Advent Candles/December Carols." Approx 60 people attended made up of students with parents from the different schools who prayed, sang, wrote Christmas Cards for Thanet Winter Shelter Project to distribute to the homeless. Our thanks to Mrs Stoner in providing the refreshments and allowing the use of St Georges school.    



18/9/16 - During 2016 one of our students, Umar, had the privilege of going on Umrah, a pilgrimage to Mecca which can be undertaken any time during the year In one of our RS classes we enjoyed his explanation of what this means for a Muslim and showed us some images of his pilgrimage. His presentation can be viewed here

29/6/16 - Chaplaincy visit to the ‘Prayer Tent’ @ St Georges School, Broadstairs, 22/09/16

We had an opportunity to visit the prayer tent and experience its sensory appeal. The themes allowed some of our KS4 students to feel that prayer is an external and internal spiritual experience.

The prayer tent at St George's was really enjoyable with all the different prayer and religious based activities. I thought that the boxes with things in representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit was really clever as it displayed that the Holy Spirit is all around you and everywhere. It was all so uplifting and made me think more about God. I would love to go again and show more people the presence of God.
Charlotte M (Yr10)

September 2016 Chaplaincy Updates

Welcome to a new academic year and although our Chaplaincy Room is still in a chaotic mess due to the repairs on the roof and eaves I am hoping that it will be up and running by October. Nevertheless, the chaplaincy team is about the campus site.

Christening of Noah Cartland @ Holy Trinity, Broadstairs

A wonderful occasion seeing Noah, son of Mrs Natalie Cartland (Sociology) and Mr David Cartland (Business Studies, St Georges School) baptised into the family of the Church with four God-parents to support him. 11th Sept.

Michael & All Angels Holy Communion - Thursday 29th Sept 1.45pm

Due to the ongoing works on the Chatham House site, the service will now take place in the Careers Room next to the Library at Clarendon House site during the lunch break.

All are welcome.

14/7/16 - Chaplaincy Corner

At last Summer holidays are in sight and its that time of year where all are tired through academic and extra-curricular activity and yet remaining cheerful. I like to think that our school community is a mirror of the greater community in terms of core values and religious toleration. In our community we celebrate our differences in the appreciation of 'rites of passage' whether students are baptised or confirmed in local churches, or having been on umrah to Mecca and in sharing their experience of pilgrimage.