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Student Teaching & Learning Group

' Improvement Through Collaboration '

The introduction of a student teaching and learning group is a reflection by the school of our continued commitment to improve teaching and learning. This initiative provides a framework to support strong, positive collaboration between students and teachers and has been developed by Mr. Goodwin ( Assistant Principal ).

The group is based on students and teachers working in partnership; offering students the opportunity to take an active role in their learning experience and giving staff a different perspective to their teaching provision.

Members of this group become Student Learning Partners and are attached to their pre-selected link subject area. Each member completes a broad training programme including an insight into educational concepts and learning methods as well as practical training on observational techniques and positive constructive feedback.

Once training has been successfully completed, Student Learning Partners enter into collaborative work with their link subject department. This includes the completion of periodic lesson observations as well as meeting regularly with the department to share pupil perspectives on ongoing matters and activities.

It is the intention of the school for this student body to consist of a cross section of students of different ages and abilities who have a common interest in supporting and shaping future learning provision.

Any student can apply at any time to become a Student Learning Partner, simply complete the application form and return to Mr. Goodwin directly or via e-mail. Applications will be considered by the relevant Head of Department and Mr. Goodwin and students will then be notified.

Please click here for an overview of the training process.

Please click here for the application form to apply.