CCGS Friends

Welcome to the CCGS Friends Newspage

What are the CCGS Friends ?

CCGS Friends is an important link between the parents and teachers

at Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School.

We hold a number of fund raising and social activities during the school year

with all the proceeds used specifically for the benefit of our students.


Annual General Meeting - this took place on Wednesday 1st November 2017 minutes available here.

Committee Meetings - Next committee meeting to be arranged in January 2018.

50/50 Club News 2017.18

As of today the total membership stands at 125 numbers which means a total income

of £ 3000. This means the following:

Total available              £ 3000                                     50% to prize fund         £ 1500

50% of the prize fund for the 10 monthly 4 winners draws   £ 1500/2/10/4 = £18.75 rounded up to nearest £1 = £19 each.  And 50% of the prize fund for the Grand Draw 10 winners

£1500/2 /10    = £ 75 each. Actual Prize Fund amount after rounding up: £1510. This leaves approx. £1490 minus admin costs to be donated to the school at the end of the year which I know will be put to good use.

2017/18 Draws

Oct 17     57    59      77       93

Nov 17     18    82     83       90


You can still join this academic year, details and rules of the club available from Club Administrator.  Join by completing forms here  or by contacting Sue Hurrell, 50/50 Club Administrator, at the Lower School Site or by email

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