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Exam Courses

Year 7 - 9

During Year 7, 8 & 9 PE is taught as a class, where students have the opportunity to work with others of mixed ability. All students are taught the same programme which involves a variety of practical tasks which engage students both physically and mentally.



GCSE PE at the Federation is taught under the Edexcel exam board. As an option subject, it is taught in mixed gender groups through out the two GCSE years of 10 & 11. The course is challenging but highly rewarding which involved both theoretical principals and practical activities.

The course offers students an opportunity to foster an enjoyment of physical activity and to develop an understanding of effective and safe practical performance. The course is divided into 60% practical and 40% theory.


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AS & A Level

Sport Science is a very popular subject at the federation. The vast majority of students who take the subject all the way through to A-Level often leave to take a sports based subject in higher education. This goes to show just how important A-level sport science is to the Federation and the pupils that take it.

The AS course looks into anatomy and physiology, skill acquisition and contemporary issues. The A-Level course again has three core academic elements including exercise physiology, sport psychology and historical studies.


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OCR National

From September 2013 the department is offering the A-level alongside a new vocational pathway known as the OCT National Sport level 3. This is a coursework alternative to the examination route and it is hoped by running the two courses alongside one another all students will benefit.

The course offers students keen on sport an alternative to the examination based A-levels. The course covers a wide range of theoretical concepts which students are taught as well as expected to research in order to complete assignments. Students who struggle with exams should consider this course as an excellent alternative which covers all the main areas the normal A-level route covers but with a 100% coursework assessment as opposed to an examination and practical application assessment.


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