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Welcome to the Technology Department

We have nine specialist rooms spread over the urban campus. They include; design suites, computer suites, workshops, kitchens, and a 3D HUB. We pride ourselves on delivering a curriculum that nurtures creativity and supports independent student learning. Our students enjoy extra curricular clubs, entering national competition, university visits and teaching from seven talented and committed members of staff. Our students have had national competition success in KS4 and KS5 in product design through the makeIT competitions and in KS3 our students have won awards in the Thanet earth cookery competition.

Please take some time to navigate through our other departmental pages and see what we offer students in this exciting department.

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We are proud to be a Create Education 3D HUB. We run ten 3D printers 7 Ultimaker 2s, two makerbot fifth generations and a Denford UP. We also use Solidworks as our CAD designing tool. Our 3D HUB coordinator is an undergraduate university placement student facilitating the printing of parts for students, other schools, companies, and national 3D printing projects. Hornby and Plymouth marine laboratory are two examples of the companies we work closely with.


Competition and departmental extra curricular clubs.

Junior school departmental clubs.

·        The STEM First Lego League club is run by Mr Spain, supported by sixth form students, and delivered in (DT1). We run a number of EV3 and NX2 generation teams in year seven, eight, and nine. http://www.firstlegoleague.org/challenge/2014fllworldclass

·      PrintIT is a national graphical competition run in year nine by Mr Spain. Historically we have had great success in this competition. http://www.proskills.co.uk/printit/

·       Cooking Club is run by Miss Harland and is delivered in the catering Lab R11. As part of this club students enter a local cooking competition in conjunction with Thanet Earth. In 2014 we won this competition. Click on this link to take you to the competition press release. http://discoverthanetearth.co.uk/cms-assets/documents/165894-796227.recipe-comp-press-release-190514.pdf

Senior school departmental clubs.

·         Product Design CLUB runs on a Tuesday and Thursday from 3.25 - 4.30. This club allows students to access the department’s practical, CAD, and CAM facilities. The club is aimed at year ten, eleven, twelve, and thirteen students. Having the sixth form working along side GSCE students supports a mentor/mentee and challenge environment. Mr Brewin, Mr Spain, Mr Taylor and Mr Cowper are available during product design club for students to access help and advice.

·         MakeIT wood is a national competition run for year ten students in the spring by Mr Spain, Mr Taylor, and Mr Brewin. The students are asked to design and manufacture a solution to a brief in wood based materials. In 2014 we had three national award finalists in this competition. http://www.proskills.co.uk/makeit/

·         MakeIT furniture is a national competition for year twelve students run by Mr Taylor and Mr Brewin. The students are asked to design and manufacture solutions to a furniture brief from materials sourced from wood. From 2012 - 2014 we have had four national award winners and nine finalists in this competition. Click on these links to take you our success and the competition press releases.




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