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By entering this site you have chosen to already ask questions about the nature of religion and existence.

Two questions which often dominate are:

  • What is the point of existence?
  • By what rules do I live by?

The religions and their philosophies studied at Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School allow the student to think outside of the box; to pursue questions which at times defy logic yet enhance the ability to evaluate and critique religious concepts and terminology.

Studies include comparative religious investigation between some of the world religions at Key Stage 3.

  • Year 7: Sikhism & Christianity
  • Year 8: Islam & Christianity
  • Year 9 Buddhism & Christianity

Other religions are referred to with additional studies in Ancient religions from the Middle and Far East.
Where possible we encourage practical, interactive sessions and to visit places of religious worship.

At Key Stage 4 we invite students to study RS at Full GCSE Level which enables them to start investigating philosophical and ethical concepts in Religion.
The students sit four papers over two years:

Philosophy 1
Deity, Religious Experience, End of life

Philosophy 2
Good & Evil, Revelation, Religion & Science

Ethics 1
Relationships, Medical Ethics and Wealth

Ethics 2
Peace & Justice, Equality, the Media

GCSE RS has become much more popular throughout the nation and many choose to go on to study the topics further at A Level.

Employers and Universities acknowledge the value of a subject that empowers students to think for themselves and to find solutions where at times they may be elusive.

At Key Stage 5 students will study, debate, dispute and evaluate the following topics

  • AS Philosophy of Religion
  • Ancient Greek influences on philosophy of religion
  • Judaeo-Christian influences on philosophy of religion
  • Traditional arguments for the existence of God
  • Challenges to religious belief

AS Religious Ethics

  • Ethical theories
  • Applied ethics topics

A2 Philosophy of Religion

  • Religious Language & Experience
  • Nature of God & Miracles
  • Life after Death

A2 Religious Ethics

  • Meta-ethics
  • Free will & Determinism
  • Role of the Conscience
  • Applied Ethics


At KS3 students will have two periods a week on their timetable for RS. At KS4 students will have 3-4 periods a week and at KS5 students will have 6 periods a week.

KS3 Students are taught on the Chatham House site; KS4 on the Clarendon House site and KS5 over both sites including the 6th Form Centre.