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Summer 2011

GCSE Results Summer 2011

All credit to the students and staff for their hard work throughout 2 years of GCSE study, which has been rewarded with another good set of results this summer. The combined overall pass rate of students getting 5 + grades at A*-C was 96% (98% for Clarendon House & 94% for Chatham House). The proportion of students who achieved 5+ A*-C grades including Maths & English was 95%.  The overall % of higher grades, A* & A’s, was 31% (34% the girls at Clarendon, 28% the boys at Chatham).

Amongst the highest attaining students were:-

Oliver Whiskard: 9 A*’s, 3 A’s
Bethany Campbell: 9A*’s, 2 A’s
Bethany Douglas: 8 A*’s, 3 A’s
Fiona Friend: 6 A*’s, 5 A’s
Hazal Tezcanli: 5 A*’s, 6A’s
Zakarya Boumrah: 7A*’s, 4 A’s
James Crazwell: 2 A*’s, 9 A’s
Kavushik Mohan Raj: 7 A*’s, 4 A’s
Francis Ross: 2 A*s, 9 A’s
Danielle Burford-Day: 4 A*’s, 6A’s
Natalie Dicks: 2 A*’s, 8 A’s
Grace Lupton: 3 A*’s, 7 A’s
Laura Mason: 4 A*’s, 6 A’s
Daniel Cohen: 4 A*’s, 6 A’s
James Langridge: 7 A*’s, 3 A’s

The overwhelming majority of our Year 11 cohort will be staying on into the federal Sixth Form to start their A Level courses in September, where they will be joined by a large number of students coming to us from other local schools. Our congratulations and best wishes go to all the students who sat GCSEs this summer. 

A Level Results Summer 2011

General reaction
Congratulations to the Sixth Form students of Chatham & Clarendon on their AS and A Level results, which can be attributed to successful teamwork – the grades did not just reflect the ability and efforts of the students, but also the skill and dedication of the staff, supported as always by the encouragement of parents/carers. On behalf of the governors and my colleagues, we are delighted that so many young people achieved the grades they needed to go on to university, and wish them every future success and happiness.

Talking Points:
Are more students trying to get in to university this year to ‘beat’ the 2012 hike in tuition fees?  The national picture is definitely yes, and this is also the pattern at the Federation CCVI where Sixth Form staff report a significant drop in the number of students choosing to take a “gap year” – this year down to single figures compared to 37 students who deferred their university place last year.  How has the limit on/rationing of university places affected the prospects of Federation students? Again our experience mirrors the national trend, with students encountering less flexibility from admissions tutors, particularly those in Russell Group universities; when looking at applicants’ combinations of grades it is harder to get in than in recent years.  Our top Russell Group success story is Craig Burns (four A*s and an A) who will be off to Pembroke College, Cambridge to study Natural Sciences – Craig was also a member of the Chatham House team which won the national finals of the Young Consumer competition.  Despite the pressure of university quotas, the overwhelming majority of CCVI students secured their first choice/insurance offer university places, with just a very small number pursuing places via the “clearing”. Another interesting trend is that some of our students are actively considering study at universities outside the UK  ~ Fifi Botchway and Lewis Stone are waiting to hear confirmation of places at American universities.  Is there any evidence that more students are deciding not to go to university at all, and go directly into employment, as a response to all the financial pressures? As almost all CCVI students go on to university/college (this year almost 95% of the Year 13 cohort of 249 Year 13 students), this trend does not seem to have impacted here. Despite all the media coverage of the costs of university, almost all of our students still aspire to Higher Education and see it as a worthwhile investment in their future career prospects.

The old chestnut: the national pass rate has gone up again - are A-Levels getting easier or rather is it that students & teachers are working harder & more effectively? The exam boards insist robust standards are maintained & they aren’t “getting easier”, therefore the improvement must be because the students are better prepared. In our case (& this is probably true of all good Sixth Forms) the teachers put in a great deal of extra effort, above & beyond the standard timetable of lessons, running our “Grade Booster” programme of revision classes, extra tuition sessions and on-going individual support. This has always been a particular strength of Chatham & Clarendon and it does make a difference to many individual candidates.
Headline grade statistics:-
This was the first cohort of students to work through their two years of Sixth Form study as members of the combined federal Sixth Form CCVI, so it is particularly gratifying that in terms of raw grades the headline 2011 results were an improvement on those of 2010, with a welcome increase in the proportion of A*& A grades: 20.4% (compared to 15.5% in 2010).

2011 results: excluding General Studies the A2 pass rate was 98.6%, (97.6% in 2010);  the percentage of higher grades, A*,A & B, was 47% (43% in 2010);  the average points score per student was 303 (300 in 2010) & the average points score per entry was 83.6 (84.4 in 2010).

Notably strong subject performances (ie where 50% or more of the candidates achieved top grades) were in Art & Design, Economics, Film Studies, Maths, Further Maths, Media Studies, Sociology.

The highest sets of grades achieved by individual students (the “Top 20”) were:-

Josh Abbott: A*,A,A, plus B at AS level
Jemimah Attwell: A*,A*,A,A plus an A at AS level
Nicola Baldwin: A*,A,B,C plus an A at AS level
Michael Benedict: A*,A*,A,A plus an A at AS level
Craig Burns: A*,A*.A*,A*,A
Lauren Burns: A,A,A
Fatima Etwas: A*,A*,A*, B, B plus a C at AS level
Alexandra Gray: A*,A*,A plus two A’s at AS level
Marcin Grela: A,A,A, B
Courtney Jones: A,A,A plus an A at AS level
Leon Law: A*,A*,A,A, plus an A at AS level
Adam Lawson: A,A,A,B
Katherine Murray: A*,A, A, B plus a B at AS Level
Alex Osborn: A,A,A,A
James Pemble: A*,A,A,A plus two B’s at AS level
Charlotte Powell: A*,A,B,C plus a B at AS level
Risha Silvera: A,A,A,A,B
Ciaran Stoddart: A,A,A,B,B plus an A at AS Level
Nancy Supple: A,A,AB plus an A at AS level
Patrick Townsend: A,A,A,C,D plus an A at AS level

The full combined results for Summer 2011 can be downloaded here

The destinations list for Summer 2011 can be downloaded here