Middle Years Programme

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme   Years 7-11

What is the MYP?

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme is based on a philosophy that encourages students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects on the school curriculum and the real world.  It is a framework which provides support as pupils develop independence, responsibility and intellectual curiosity and learn to apply their knowledge and skills to the world beyond school.

How does the MYP work?

The MYP comprises of eight curriculum areas:

Humanities (Geography, History, Religious Studies)
Language B ( French in year 7, French and Spanish in year 8)
Physical Education

These curriculum areas are linked by five Areas of Interaction which are fundamental in helping students recognise and develop the overlap between different topics, classes and the outside world. 

  1. Environments; we will examine the world in which we live including both natural and man made environments and students will be encouraged to consider different ways of protecting and utilising the world around us.
  2. Health and Social Education: considers both physical and mental health, personal development, social issues and how to ensure we make informed choices.
  3. Human Ingenuity: we examine human creativity and its impact on individuals, societies and the world.
  4. Approaches to learning; encourages students to identify and develop their preferred learning styles and will encourage them to experience different ways of learning.
  5. Community and Service: we consider relationships between individuals, specific groups in society at large and examine what we receive from society and how we contribute to it.

Thirty six teachers have completed intensive training in their subject specialism, delivered in Brussels by the IB organisation. A further twenty five members of staff attended an in-school training day in June 2011.

Faculties and Departments are being encouraged to explore the links between the different areas of the curriculum and to plan interdisciplinary units of study at KS3. 

Assembly themes, PSHE and school based community activities reflect the MYP philosophy.

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