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Welcome to the Admissions Page

We hope the information below is of assistance, should you require anything further please contact our Admission Registrar, Mrs Sue Hurrell on 01843 591075 Chatham Site/Lower School or by email registrar@ccgrammarschool.co.uk


If you wish to appeal AND you included CCGS as a preference on the SCAF in October you should print off an appeal form, available here and send to Mrs Hurrell Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School Chatham Street Ramsgate Kent CT11 7PS asap and appeals will be heard late June/early July.

If you now wish to apply, or appeal, AND you DID NOT include CCGS as a preference please contact Mrs Hurrell by email, address above.

Further information for Year 7 September 2018 Appeals can be found under Appeal Timetable below and also here


Please contact Mrs Hurrell to discuss. The In Year Application Form can be downloaded here.

Morning Tours of the Sites are available by appointment - escorted tour for parents/carers and prospective students of all sites during a 'normal working day' starting at the Lower School Site are By Appointment only so we can limit the disruption to our students, please contact Mrs Hurrell on the telephone number or email address above to book your place.


Please find below the determined Admission Arrangement documents for the relevant academic years:

Academic Year 2017/18

Academic Year 2018/19

Academic Year 2019/20


Please find below the Appeal Timetable for all appeals to the school until 28th February 2019.

Appeal Timetable 2018

Please note that should an appeal be unsuccessful and you wish to consider complaining to the Education Funding Agency (EFA) we would refer you to help notes here