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Cashless Catering is coming to CCGS in March 2020

I am pleased to inform youthat from March 1st 2020, we will be introducing a new cashless catering system into all three main sites at Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School. This new system will enable all parents and carers to be able to pay for meals and drinks on line for their children, without the need for students to bring in money daily

As a parent, you will be able to view exactly what your son or daughter is buying in our canteens. Other benefits for parents will include:

  • children with allergies will be flagged up so that they cannot purchase food or drink which may affect their health
  • it will reduce the opportunity for students to purchase food or drink from the local supermarket which may not be healthy for them
  • parents will know that their children are eating healthy food while they are at school

How will the system work?

As part of the cashless catering system, we will use biometric software which will enable a student to use their thumb to purchase food and drink. A thumb print reader will ‘read’ a thumbprint and convert the image into a code which we will store in the schools SIMS system.

No actual thumbprint photos are stored however, the code which is created from the thumb print recognition hardware, will be stored alongside all the other information we hold on your child. This enables the sale of food and drink to be recorded into your child’s account, alongside any payments you have made on line.

Parents not wishing to use the online system for payments may still send in cash or a cheque as an alternative; but we would ask that the cash or cheque is placed into an envelope with your child’s name, form and dinner money marked on it so that it may be accounted for onto your child’s cashless catering account.

Students who receive free school meals will have their accounts prepaid with the free school meal allowance.

Biometric Day

In order to create the codes for your children to use the cashless catering system, we will be holding a ‘Biometric day on Tuesday February 4th 2020. All students will have their thumb print image taken and an account will be set up which will be linked to our school’s SIMS system. We realise that not all students use our canteens to purchase food, however we would like to capture this data on the biometric day as we hope to use other school systems in the future using the same technology (issuing of library books; obtaining printing; accessing school IT rooms, etc.).

Further information about Cashless Catering and the use of Biometrics within school will be uploaded onto our school’s website within the next few days. If after reading this information, you have any further queries relating to the use of Cashless Catering or the use of Biometrics in school please contact the School Business Manager (cfreeman@ccgrammarschool.co.uk)

We do hope that this transition from cash to cashless will be smooth and would like to thank you for the support in making this happen.

Yours sincerely,

D J Liddicoat