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KCC Travel Saver

KCC has today launched two new Travel Schemes replacing the current Young Persons Travel Pass and Kent 16+ Travel Card.   

The KCC Travel Saver is available to children in secondary school education and offers the same benefits as the current Young Persons scheme enabling parents the opportunity to halve the costs of bus travel rather than buying a ticket direct from operators.

The schemes represent a subsidy from KCC to parents of around £10m each year and means that KCC continues to support parents with the costs of bus travel more than any other Council in the UK outside of London.   A feature of the new scheme is the ability for parents to pay for the pass through a series of instalments, spreading the cost across 8 months.

The pass offers unlimited bus travel between 6am and 7pm, Monday to Friday. It is valid from the start of the school year in 2019 to 31 July 2020 but some operators also allow it to be used at other times.   


Applications can be made from 3rd June and students who hold current passes and may want to renew will be contacted to remind them of the need to reapply. They can do so using current passes to renew.  

Please find here a leaflet for the scheme.  The aplication form is available here

 For more information and to apply, visit kent.gov.uk/travelsaver and kent.gov.uk/16plustravelsaver