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Funding Letter from the Chair of Governors

Dear Parents/Carers,

It is after great consideration that I decided to write this letter.  However, I feel it is my responsibility to underline to you the determination of the Board to give your children the widest opportunities possible to develop their knowledge and skills at a time when the funding for schools across the country has reached crisis point.

In recent weeks it has been a pleasure to enjoy the superb production of “We Will Rock You” which showcased the talents of our students across the whole school and also to admire the artistic skills on display at the school’s exhibition in the York Street Gallery.  Both served to illustrate the many opportunities provided for all students not just in the areas of music and art but in a wide range of subjects.  The school is fortunate to have such a dedicated staff who are determined to enrich the curriculum in so many ways. 

I doubt that it would surprise you to read that maintaining a broad and balanced curriculum requires sufficient funding to support it and that, for several years, this has not been forthcoming.  Being fully supportive of all that Mrs Liddicoat and her staff do for your children, the Board of Governors has, over a number of years, taken the conscious decision to use the reserve funding which existed when Chatham and Clarendon formally merged in order to provide the opportunities to which our students are entitled.  Our expectation was that the “fairer funding” promised to all schools would improve our budget but this has not proved to be the case and as a result our financial situation is now far from ideal.

However, I wish to reassure you that the Board is determined to do everything it can to maintain the fullest curriculum possible.  My fellow governor, Joanne King, and I recently joined governors from across the country to attend a meeting in Parliament to present evidence that underfunding is having a drastic effect on schools nationwide. In addition, I and other Board members have met with Craig Mackinlay to impress upon him in detail our need for greatly increased funding.  You may well have read the recent headline articles in the national press which illustrated that many schools are in dire straits.  We will continue to press our case as much as we are able and can but hope that, eventually, sufficient funding will be forthcoming.

In the meantime, can I thank those parents who make regular financial contributions to the school as these are of great assistance in helping us to maintain the status quo. We would, of course, welcome anyone who would like to join their number and look forward to your support for any future activities to raise money specifically for the school.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Bath

Chair of Governors