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Severe Weather Notice

General Information regarding severe weather conditions

As we operate over a split site we are particularly susceptible to the effect of bad weather.  Our staff and our 6th form students (plus a small number of KS4 students) have to travel between sites. Also many of our staff (and students) travel in from a long distance.  We must always be sure that the school site is safe, the Chatham site especially is difficult to clear if it has been snowing.

It is our aim to keep the school open wherever possible to minimise the disruption to student learning and parent/carers’ own arrangements. On days when the conditions are poor but we still open, it is likely that students will follow an alternative timetable.  This means that they will probably  complete revision work or some other worthwhile activity.  We suggest on these days that if there are issues with getting to and from school safely that the decision as to whether your child attends school is entirely up to you, however please inform the school if you are keeping your child at home.

On occasions where the school is forced to close completely, information about the closure will be on our school website, our official RSS, Twitter and Facebook feeds, and the following websites

We will also aim to send a text to parents